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Are the images your company is using to sell its products and services really working?

With the advent of Royalty-Free Stock Photography websites like, images have become easy to find and inexpensive use. Many companies opt to use stock images for print and web advertising because of cost and/or time constraints.

I will admit that a photo of a tree or sunflower doesn’t necessarily need to be customized. But what happens when you put a face to your next advertising campaign? If you are using Royalty-Free images, can you be sure that your next campaign won’t look surprisingly similar to your competitor’s? This happens more than you think and on both small and large scales.

Go to Google and search “Everywhere Girl”, perhaps the most famous example of good stock photography gone bad. You’ll find hundreds of websites talking about the phenomenon of one photo shoot that has been used worldwide to sell computers, books, colleges, drug treatment programs and more. The examples below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Everywhere Girl

Shouldn’t the “face” of your company belong to your company? While the virtues of stock photography are evident in cost savings, there is also a negative side which “Everywhere Girl” exposes. However, many people forget about the upside of customizing your photo shoot, seemingly because it is perceived as too expensive.

As a photographer, I work with my clients to maximize cost savings and allow the client to own their images. This can be done on a project-to-project basis, or, as is becoming more popular, on a contract term. By becoming your “in-house” photographer, I’m able to handle all of your advertising, product photos, events, executive headshots and more, all for a reasonable cost. The result: you receive images that resonate with your potential customers, helping to drive sales, donations or your message.

To find out if custom photography is in your reach, contact Rob at Totaro Photography, (518) 608-6217, or Visit today.

Everywhere Girl - DellEverywhere GirlEverywhere Girl
Everywhere GirlEverywhere Girl