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Colonie Chamber Golf Outing
A Day in Troy, NY

So I was in Troy photographing some buildings when I saw an interestin poster for a stickball tournament in Little Italy. So of course I had to check it out. And it was everything I hoped for and more. What a great time.

Smile, your marriage may depend on it.

Clara Moskowitz
LiveScience Staff Writer clara Moskowitz
livescience Staff Writer – Tue Apr 14, 2:53 pm ET
If you want to know whether your marriage will survive, look at your spouse’s yearbook photos.
Psychologists have found that how much people smile in old photographs can predict their later success in marriage.
In one test, the researchers looked at [...]

Science Olympiad Regionals

So I know there’s been a lag in the postings recently and that’s mostly because I’ve been so busy. Here is a video presentation from the Science Olympiad Regional Competition that took place over the weekend at the College of St. Rose. Once again I’d like to thanks Mr. Holdren from RCS for [...]

Are the images your company is using to sell its products and services really working?

With the advent of Royalty-Free Stock Photography websites like, images have become easy to find and inexpensive use. Many companies opt to use stock images for print and web advertising because of cost and/or time constraints.
I will admit that a photo of a tree or sunflower doesn’t necessarily need to be [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2009 is here and I’m ready for a great year both personally and professionally. As part of moving forward, I feel its important to look back. Periodically I will feature some photos and projects from the past. Today is a photo of Jerry, a construction worker in Buffalo, [...]

Christmas 2008
Totaro Photography on the Web

Welcome to Totaro Photography. I’m Rob Totaro, and I’m excited to write the first blog on Here, we will post images from recent shoots, talk about technique and answer any questions you have. Over the next few weeks we will be catching up on what you may have missed since we [...]