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Are the images your company is using to sell its products and services really working?

With the advent of Royalty-Free Stock Photography websites like, images have become easy to find and inexpensive use. Many companies opt to use stock images for print and web advertising because of cost and/or time constraints.
I will admit that a photo of a tree or sunflower doesn’t necessarily need to be [...]

RCS Science Olympiad

On January 10th we photographed the RCS Science Olympiad Invitational at RCS High School. It was a fun day of science and competition. The impound area was great. There were battle bots, bridge building, electric cars and a trajectory competition. The regional events are only a few weeks away and the [...]

Troy High School Football

So I just spent the better part of the last 2 days putting together a video for the Troy High Football Banquet, and while the video is too large to put online right now, the process reminded me that I needed to post some photos from their season.
This was the first time since I shot [...]


Erin recently came to the studio for some portraits, and we had a great time. She was also the first model to go into the basement and be photographed in the jail cell. I feel pretty comfortable saying that the use of a jail cell is fairly unique to the Totaro Photography studio. [...]


Not the Elie Wiesel book, rather some good old fashioned night photography. Over the past year I’ve had some fun in the dark. Long exposure shots have quickly become some of my favorite to create. A mix of atmosphere, lighting and subject can often create amazing results.

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Daniel was one of the first people to sit for a portrait in the new photo studio. He was looking for new headshots for his acting portfolio. As with all of my clients I make sure that we get the photos they need and then if there is time, we will experiment.
Daniel was [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2009 is here and I’m ready for a great year both personally and professionally. As part of moving forward, I feel its important to look back. Periodically I will feature some photos and projects from the past. Today is a photo of Jerry, a construction worker in Buffalo, [...]

Basketball Dreams

Working with the Albany Patroons of the CBA has given me some great opportunities to explore the images of dreams and goals. The players in the CBA and ABA all dream of playing on the upper levels of professional basketball, and while the landscape of minor league sports has changed over the years, the [...]